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October 30, 2012
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completed system 7 for OS X! ** REVISED ** by ankara-23 completed system 7 for OS X! ** REVISED ** by ankara-23
If you downloaded this previously, it has been cleaned up and fixed, there were icons missing from the icontainer for the sidebar desktop and the finder icon for "open folder" that have been corrected.

Also, the Copeland collection is completed and available for download.. There should be 80 icons in this iContainer. This is not just a handful of icons, but more than what you see in just one screenshot..

Remember System 7.6? Apple's first foray into color icons.. the trash can that got "fat" when you dumped stuff into it? The flat blue folder icons.. a soft powder blue?

I got sick of scouring the web for system 7 icons and turning up with nothing? Not one artist thought to recreate that nostalgic experience? I did. I recreated this complete set of folder icon replacements for candy bar and assigned all the icons to their respective counterparts. I will also be posting the platinum sounds collection for xounds, that together with candybar has turned my OS X desktop into a perfect blend of contemporary meets the best of the past! I am also going to create a copeland replacement set including It's respective trash can.

If anyone is interested in the Photoshop originals with the layers and the blank folder to create additional icons let me know I'd be happy to send them as well as instructions on which effects I used for the icons being overlayed onto the folder. Photoshop is not for the faint of heart and short on patience. I used Photoshop elements 4.0 for OSX. Or, if anyone wants the .icns or .png files for the collection, let me know as well..

*I only recreated the folder icons - they are my work, the rest of the icons that are the device icons, etc. are the default icons by corey marion that come with candybar, I chose them to compliment my mac classic folder replacements, and those I do not take credit for. Just the folder icons and the trash can I scoured the web for and converted and added it.
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